IW4MAdmin is an administration tool for IW4x, Pluto T6, Pluto IW5, CoD4x, TeknoMW3, and most Call of Duty® dedicated servers. It allows complete control of your server; from changing maps, to banning players, IW4MAdmin monitors and records activity on your server(s). With plugin support, extending its functionality is a breeze.

Community Guidelines

Global Rules
1. Cheating/Exploiting is not allowed at ALL
2. Do not abuse the !report system. It sends alerts to discord. (Not ZM tho)
3. Respect other players.
4. No racism to players.
5. Do not greif zombie players
6. Keep grenade launcher use to a minimum. We rather not restrict them.
7. Balance teams at ALL times
8. Do not tell others to leave. This is not your 1v1 server